Laser Hair Removal: Way to Achieve Smoother and Younger Looking Skin

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While having body hair is natural, some of us are not in love with what nature has given us. So, we came up with solutions. And in the case of body hair, we have invented the technology (Laser Hair Removal) that can help us keep that extra fuzz to a minimum. Lasers target the hair at the bulb, the pigment in the hair that works as the target. The laser searches for the hair follicle’s darker pigment, lock onto it and eliminates it. 

Due to the nature of lasers, it is best to get this type of hair removal from an Australian laser clinic in Toowoomba. However, before making an appointment, you must consult with a professional to see if Laser Hair Removal is right for you.

Laser Removal Works Faster in Some Areas than in Others

You can get lasered anywhere on your body where there is hair. However, some parts of the body on which the process works faster. The most popular areas for laser treatment are the underarms, face, bikini area and lower legs. The underarms often respond the fastest, partly because it is the fairest area with little sun exposure and darker hair.

Do Not Expect Instant Results.

This is not a one-and-done deal. If you are looking to eliminate the hair in a specific part of your body, it will take a few visits to the Laser clinic (there is no guarantee that it will be gone forever). It takes about six to eight sessions to remove at least 90% of the hair in an area. The number of sessions needed may also vary depending on the location.

Why May Some Skin Parts Need a Little More Laser Than Others?

Skin with many hormonal receptors, like the groin &beard area, can take many more treatments. In areas where the hair is thinner, the hairs are more difficult to target. Therefore, you need more treatments. If you have a skin colour close to your hair colour, it can also take more sessions of lasers.

It Works Anywhere On Your Body.

If a spot has hair on it that the lasers can pick up, you can treat it, including your chest, nipples, or stomach. It is less about the spot and more about the hair colour and background skin.

It Is Not For Everyone

Laser hair removal is not for everybody. People with dark, thick hair & light skin are the best candidates for laser hair removal. Unfortunately, laser technology has not evolved enough to get good results for grey, blonde, or red hair. The issue with lighter hair colours is insufficient pigment to absorb the laser and diminish the hair follicle.

Want to book a laser hair removal appointment? Consult us at Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting. Our trained professionals can guide you through the process.


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