6 Ways to Reduce Unwanted Body Fat with Sculpting Treatments

6 Ways to Reduce Unwanted Body Fat with Sculpting Treatments banner image
How can body sculpting treatments reduce body fat? Ever wondered about how body sculpting treatments help to minimise unwanted body fat? See what methods exist below.


Diets and exercise are effective ways to lose weight, but often losing weight is not synonymous with losing fat pockets. Certain body parts such as flanks, hips, belly, and thighs are resistant to the effects of diet and workout routines.

There are several body sculpting treatments based on innovative technologies that help cut down stubborn fat accumulation. These include cryopolisis, laser sculpting, RF therapy, ultrasound sculpting, fat-dissolving injections, and surgical fat removal.

These are non-invasive, mostly long-lasting, and produce none to minimal discomfort.

Since these procedures require just a few days for complete recovery, we are witnessing a rise in their popularity. So if you also suffer from a stubborn fat pocket that doesn’t budge even after vigorous diets and workout sessions, you may want to look into the available sculpting treatments.

But there are multiple ways a surgeon can carry out these procedures, and each has pros and cons. This article will list some of the most popular body sculpting techniques in the market and discuss the positives and negatives so you can be better prepared when visiting your plastic surgeon.

1. Cryopolisis or CoolSculpting

Cryopolisis or CoolSculpting is a body sculpting treatment that uses intense cold to freeze body fat cells. It is the most effective method to reduce unwanted body fat non-invasively.

The process requires no invasion, meaning you will not receive an incision and won’t end up with a scar. Your surgeon will simply put a device on the targeted body parts. The device will lower the temperature to the fat cells’ freezing point.

And since the body’s skin, muscles, and other cells have a freezing temperature lower than fat cells, the cold won’t harm them.

A month after the treatment, your body will start removing the frozen cells, producing noticeable results. The body will excrete all frozen cells within three months, and you will see maximum results.

Pros of cryopolisis:

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure, requiring no surgical intervention.
  • It is an FDA-approved body sculpting method to get rid of unwanted fat.
  • It produces proven results on body parts such as thighs, underarms, buttocks, abdomen, flanks, and chin.
  • It reduces as much as 25% of the fat in one sitting.
  • The treatment takes only 30 to 60 minutes to perform and usually requires no post-care.
  • It is improbable that the fat destroyed by low temperatures can regenerate unless you put on significant weight. Hence the results are permanent, unlike most other body sculpting treatments.
  • It is ideal for patients who lose weight but cannot lose fat bulges.

Cons of cryopolisis:

  • The feeling of intense cold can be discomforting for some.
  • It may produce bruising the next day.

2. Laser sculpting or Sculpsure

Sculpsure is a temperature-based body sculpting treatment that uses lasers to produce high temperatures. The procedure is often termed “fat removal lasers” or “laser lipo.”

Sculpsure is similar to CoolSculpt in that it uses temperature to eliminate fat cells from the body permanently. Both treatments have identical costs, results, and efficiency. However, CoolSculpt has been in the market for longer and has more studies and results backing it up.

During Sculpsure, the surgeon puts a laser device on target areas that deliver heat energy through lasers. The high temperature dismantles the subcutaneous fat. A subsequent cooling mechanism operates alternatively to ensure no damage to skin or muscles.

The body then excretes burnt fat cells, producing visible results in 6 weeks, and maximum results take up to 12 weeks to show.

Here are a few positives and negatives of the procedure:

Pros of laser sculpting:

  • Sculpsure is FDA-approved to remove unwanted fat from body parts such as flanks, thighs, abdomen, etc.
  • It is usually painless. You may only feel a warm sensation that does not produce any considerable discomfort.
  • The treatment requires minimal downtime, and you will be up and about in no time.
  • The procedure takes approximately 25 to 35 minutes for one body area.
  • The results produced by heat sculpting are permanent, and the fat cells burnt in this way usually do not return.

Cons of laser sculpting:

  • You should focus on clean eating and exercise after a successful body sculpting session to avoid reversing the effects of weight gain.
  • Laser sculpting does not have as much data to prove its efficiency as CoolSculpt.

3. RF therapy or truSculpt

RF body sculpting therapies include red light with radiofrequency. These high-frequency waves target the fat cells’ water and disintegrate it to destroy the fat tissue. The procedure is highly versatile and effective on most body parts.

For red light therapy, the surgeon places a red-light lamp on the target area that emits specialised wavelengths to the subcutaneous fat tissue. As a result, the outer membrane of the fat cells produces several holes through which their contents escape, and they shrink considerably in size.

The reduced size of the fat cells produces desired sculpted look of the body. However, the results are not as promising since the procedure only shrinks the fat cells instead of eliminating them.

However, the RF body sculpting treatment by Drayton Cosmetics uses RF systems by Cutera. Their truSculpt iD device is sleek and mobile and can be hand-held or used hands-free for stationary treatment. Thus, they reduce up to 24% of subcutaneous body fat in just 15 minutes.

Pros of red light therapy

  • It is a suitable procedure for hips, abdomen, thighs, flanks, and any other body part prescribed by your surgeon.
  • It requires no surgical intervention.
  • You require almost no time to recover.
  • It produces no pain or discomfort.
  • The results are clinically proven and have histological findings to back them.
  • The procedure is quick and requires only 15 minutes for one body part.
  • The radio frequencies penetrate deep within the fat tissue and cause fat necrosis down to 1.5 cm.
  • You lose weight gradually over 6 to 12 weeks; hence the treatment remains discreet.
  • The treatment gives a natural form to your body.
  • It yields permanent results, and the fat cells do not return to their normal size.

Cons of red light therapy:

  • Red light therapy requires three or more sessions to produce visible results.
  • Although there are no proven side effects, red light therapy is not recommended during pregnancy or for liver disease patients.

4. Ultrasound sculpting or Ultrashape

Ultrasound sculpting uses ultrasonic sound waves to break the fat cells into smaller fragments.

The mechanical vibrations produced by the ultrasound device disrupt the cell structure and, like Ultraslim, shrink the fat cells.

However, these body sculpting treatments require the most prolonged durations and are generally the least effective.

Pros of ultrasound sculpting:

  • It is a non-invasive procedure requiring no incision and produces no scar.
  • The results are incredibly natural.
  • There is no downtime, and you can instantly return to your daily routine.
  • It results in no pain or discomfort.
  • The shrunk cells do not regain their size.

Cons of ultrasound sculpting:

  • The body sculpting technique requires the most extended treatment duration.
  • The results are the least effective among other body sculpting methods.

5. Fat-dissolving injections

Fat-dissolving injections contain a natural or synthetic enzyme that reacts with the fat cells and disintegrates them. Deoxycholic acid is one such enzyme.

Injecting a chemical into your body is not as non-invasive as the other body sculpting treatments discussed above. However, since these chemicals come in direct contact with the fat tissue, they yield promising results.

Pros of fat-dissolving injections:

  • They produce gradual results, so they look natural.
  • They are ideal for losing persistent fat pockets.
  • The treatment requires no downtime.
  • There is little or no pain involved, excluding being the needle prick.

Cons of fat-dissolving injections:

  • The procedure involves needles, so some people may not find it comfortable.
  • They are effective for small areas of the body such as under the chin, above the knee, shoulders, etc.

6. Surgical fat removal

Several surgical procedures exist to contour target body areas. These include liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, and double chin surgery.

Since these are surgical body sculpting treatments may require an incision, general or local anesthesia, and may leave a scar. Also, you may experience a side-effect of surgery such as damage to a nerve, bleeding, anaesthesia complications, pain, swelling, etc.

Pros of surgical fat removal:

  • Surgical procedures produce the most noticeable and customisable results.
  • The results are immediate.
  • These procedures are ideal for losing significant amounts of fat.
  • They deliver results in a single process.

Cons of surgical fat removal:

  • Surgery requires extended post-op care.
  • There are several risks associated.
  • You may end up with a scar.


Non-invasive fat reduction treatments are quickly gaining popularity due to their countless benefits. They require no surgical intervention or general anesthesia, produce little to no discomfort, require no downtime, give gradual and natural results, and are long-lasting.

Among the many effective body sculpting treatments, truSculpt suits most and produces visible results in just a few weeks of treatment. If you are looking for body sculpting treatments in Toowoomba, Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting is the place to go.

They use the innovative truSculpt iD technology by Cutera to eliminate up to 24% of subcutaneous fat cells and yield noticeable results over time. Their personalised muscle-sculpting treatment considers your medical history, overall health, and desired outcomes to give you the body shape of your dreams.

So, are you ready to bid farewell to your stubborn love handles? Book an appointment with Drayton Cosmetics for a consultation today!


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