How to Have the Most Effective Laser Hair Removal in Toowoomba?

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The face and body hair are considered the most disturbing things to deal with. No matter how many times you have tried to get rid of it, it will keep coming back again and again, making you uncomfortable to go out wearing your favourite dress. If you are just into removing the body hair, that is cool, and you can do it by any process- shaving, waxing or threading. But, if you want to have a permanent solution to remove unwanted hair from the body with a silky smooth skin texture, then laser treatment is the best one. 

Though there are various methods to remove unwanted body and facial hair, laser hair removal in Toowoomba and other parts has gained much popularity among clients as it is safe, gives a long-lasting result and is painless. However, hair removal procedures like waxing and razors are expensive, and they do not give you a permanent solution. 

How Does the Laser Treatment Work?

Most people are new to laser hair removal, and hence, they should first know how the process starts. In laser treatment, the laser targets the pigment called melanin present in the bulge region underneath the hair follicle. The laser treatment heats up and damages the follicle or destroys the follicles. As a result, it further minimises the hair growth in that follicle. If you want to get the best outcome, you should get 2-3 sessions. If you plan to do laser, the best way is to consult with the expert first, who will guide you in the entire process. 

Can Everyone Avail Laser?

As the laser treatment is used for targeting the follicle, this procedure is mainly effective with darker hair and lighter skin. Using the laser for people with darker skin is that the pigment present in the upper layers of skin will generally absorb some laser light and heat it, further burning the skin surface. Similarly, the laser will be less effective if you have fair hair. 

Where Laser Works Best?

The best body areas for the laser are the lower legs, bikini area, and underarms. Facial hair can be challenging as it is often more delicate, mainly hormonally driven, and challenging to remove. However, if you want to eliminate facial hair with a laser, you should consult with a professional for suggestions. 

How Many Laser Sessions Are Best?

Depending on the area treated with laser, you will generally need 6-8 treatments. The areas with coarser and darker hair, like your lower legs, underarms, and bikini line, need a few sessions of laser for hair removal. The face is one of the most persistent areas that need more sessions, like the arms. Once the treatment is complete, some hair will never grow back, but some will still need intermittent treatment for a year ahead. 

How to Prepare For Laser Treatment?

Some of the preparations are made before you opt for a laser. For example, you can shave the area but avoid waxing. You should avoid exposure to sunlight and not apply moisturiser or cream before doing the laser. 

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