Is Drayton Cosmetic’s TruSculpt Treatment For Everyone?

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Our bodies work in different ways! Some are blessed with perfectly contoured bodies without taking a single gym session once in their life, whereas some religiously do workout sessions at the gym and try hard to achieve their dream body but could not get one. 

Perhaps you have loose skin or flab around your hips or other sections. Naturally, you want to get rid of them to achieve that perfect body. The good news is that body sculpting treatment does the job for you. Now you can kiss goodbye to excess fatty tissues and achieve a tighter, more toned physique. 

Body Sculpting: What You Need to know

Knowing what makes sense if this is your first time in body sculpting. Body sculpting is a form of body contouring, a non-invasive treatment that helps reduce fatty tissues from the concerned area. The process also helps tighten the skin in certain body parts without needing surgery. Body sculpting is the way to go, whether your skin shows signs of aging, you have some medical conditions, extreme sun exposure, or stubborn fat.

What’s in it for You?

The TruSculptbody sculpting treatment provided by Drayton Cosmetics is designed to give your body the contour you wish. Apart from tightening the skin, it can also do the following:

  • Reduce fat
  • Treat cellulite 
  • Tighten skin before liposuction 
  • Skin smoothening after liposuction 

Keep note that this non-surgical body sculpting treatment does not eliminate fat from the body. Instead, it is a treatment that targets excess fatty tissues that you cannot get rid of through exercise or diet. 

Is the Procedure Painful?

No. You can expect the slightest pain from the treatment. Apart from moderate and tolerable warmth, you will not feel much pain from Drayton Cosmetics’ TruSculpt treatment. The device used to carry out the procedure releases gentle heat. They feature massage rollers that emulate a warming massage. 

Things You Should Remember before the Session 

You may want to avoid heavy meals, caffeine, fatty foods a few hours before the session. Your doctor will also suggest that you keep away from alcohol at least a day before. You will want to abide by these restrictions to avoid bloating. The most important thing is to keep yourself hydrated before the session. Water helps flush out the excess fatty tissues that get broken down by the latest technology used by TruSculpt. 

If you have further queries about the treatment and the safety precautions, do not hesitate to ask our friendly medical aestheticians at Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting. We all have different visions of what we want our bodies to look like. It may seem frustrating to keep hitting the gym and eating healthy without enjoying the results of your hard work. With our advanced body sculpting treatment, the process becomes more manageable, not to mention the extraordinary results you get from the holistic treatment.


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