Are Lasers Effective for Permanent Hair Removal?

Laser epilation, hair removal therapy

Are you considering laser hair removal? Then taking some time to learn about the procedure pays off. While it is easy to get lured by the promises that laser hair removal treatments make, it is essential to be aware of the facts first. 

Numerous options are there for laser hair treatment. From waxing, shaving, threading and tweezing, you name it! However, laser hair removal is by far one of the most hassle-free ways to get rid of those unwanted body hair (not to mention the results are long-lasting). 

Here is Everything You Need to Learn About the Procedure:

How Many Sessions Does the Procedure Take?

At Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting, our specialists believe that almost 50% of patients are done after four treatments, while 100% are done after eight. Nowadays, patients are seeing results quicker than before. So in case you are wondering about the key to getting rid of body hair, book your treatments at four-week intervals. 

How Long Do the Results Last?

Gone are the days when patients needed ten or more sessions to keep hair growth at bay. Lasers have come a long way. Thanks to advancements in technology, most people are left hairless after an initial round of laser treatment and minimal follow-up. 

Now the question is: how long does hair removal last? With laser hair removal, the chances are high that the results will be permanent, not to mention that most patients need periodic touch-ups. 

Can Laser Treatment be Done Anywhere on the Body?

Laser hair treatment can be done on almost all body parts. However, the upper lip, sideburns, and bikini area are the ones to see great results because they have coarse hair. Lasers do not work as good on fine hair as they do on coarse hair. 

How to Prep for the Treatment?

Call off your regular hair removal routine once you have a date for your first treatment. The laser gets attracted to the follicle pigment, meaning you should not wax before undergoing the treatment. However, you can shave the night before your first treatment. That way, you ensure that the laser can focus on the roof of the hair. 

How Long Does the Process Take to Finish?

Laser hair removals are fast and effective. For example, it only takes 20 minutes to complete full-face hair removal. However, you want to consult your doctor to discuss how much time you should set aside for the procedure. 

Do Not Go to the Gym Afterwards.

The heat from the laser tends to stay in your skin for 24 hours. That means you should not be going to the gym, saunas or taking any hot shower sessions after the treatment. 

Your dermatologist will advise what works best for you. However, it would help avoid sun exposure as much as possible before and after treatment. 

Longing for clear skin? Opt for Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting’ laser hair removal treatment. Contact us to learn more.


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