The Post Treatment Do’s and Don’ts Once You Are Through The Skin Peel Treatment In Australia


The concept of skin peeling is not very soothing and is not the topic to be discussed at the dinner table. The process fundamentally includes using different chemicals to speed up the exfoliation process, which means the outer layer of the epidermis will be taken off. It may sound horrific, but the reality is not that scary. The procedure of skin peel treatments in Australia gets its name from the fact that your skin peels off. This is achieved through a combination of chemicals. Though the procedure is highly effective for improving the texture and tone of your skin, it comes with a few dos and don’ts.

Understanding the Importance of Post-procedure Care

Steps that you should follow religiously after going through the skin peel treatment are designed to keep your skin as hydrated and safe as possible. Most of the time, people do not realise that several side effects are associated with the process, especially if they are not taking good care of their skin. It would be best if you understood that a layer of your skin is being peeled off. If it is not cared for, you can sustain permanent damage, which will not be pleasant or conducive to the treatment’s aim in the first place. Therefore, knowing about these steps and following them carefully will be the wisest decision.

Steps You Should Focus on for Better and Faster Healing

The DOs after a skin peel treatment are:

  • Your new skin has the most chance of getting damaged by the sun; hence, you should try to avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible. Even if you have to be outdoors for any work or other requirements, ensure to use an SPF-rich sunscreen and as much of it as possible. Slathering yourself in the stuff will be a safe way of dealing with the sun. The sunscreen you are using must have at least SPF 30, and you must be very careful for a little over six weeks after the procedure.
  • After the skin peel treatment, you still need to follow a skincare routine religiously, and cleansing is crucial. As your skin will be susceptible after the treatment, it will be better to use soap-free cleansers. If you do not have one, it is time to invest in one. Retaining moisture in the skin will be your priority, and a soap-free cleanser will help.
  • Your skin will feel tender immediately after the treatment; hot water may add to further discomfort. Hence, it would help if you primarily depended on calm water to clean your skin.
  • In the skin’s aftercare regime, including moisturisers is necessary. You should try and use as much of it as possible because it will help your skin heal better. Retaining moisture is essential for post-procedure healing, and chemicals can irritate your skin further. So, investing in some water-based moisturisers with high water content will be your best bet. It will keep your skin from feeling irritated and go flaky.
  • The professionals are the ones who know the best regarding what your aftercare regime should be. Therefore, following their advice will be the best choice.

Steps You Should Avoid for Better and Faster Healing

The don’ts after your skin peel treatment are:

  • Sweating won’t help your skin heal or feel better. So, staying away from the sauna, sunbathing, and extreme exercise will be for the best.
  • Even if your skin gets dry and flaky, you should not use the exfoliator. It will harm your tender skin further.
  • Like any other healing wound, you should not pick, prod or peel the skin after the procedure is done.
  • Staying away from retinol will be a wise choice because it will give your body a perfect chance to do better and bless you with problem-free skin.
  • Focusing on the healing part will be highly necessary.

For any further assistance or information, contacting Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting and booking an appointment with one of the specialists will be a wise choice at this point.


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