Popular Laser Treatments: The Widespread Application of Lasers in the Field of Medicine and Cosmetic Treatment

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Lasers are not new to technology; however, their potential has not been fully explored, even to this day. Such a statement is valid because every year, new applications of lasers are being developed because the technology now exists to utilize their unique properties that make it convenient for their usage.

A well-equipped skilled laser clinic in Toowoomba is highly sought-after by its netizens simply because laser treatments have boomed in popularity in the past 20 years due to quick application, no side effects and their wide range of use. From laser hair removal to laser face treatments, laser treatments have gone through numerous modifications and their usage is now not limited to any specific category.

When it comes to skin treatments, laser treatment is applied for various skin concerns, including rosacea, wrinkles, sun spots, redness, acne scars, and even acne itself. 

Let us Discuss Some of the Most Asked-for Popular Laser Treatments: 

  • Laser Genesis: The express purpose of this treatment is to give your skin an instant glow. It is swift—taking only 15 minutes for the whole procedure—making it ideal to undergo when under a time constraint. The procedure involves a 1064-nm wavelength that gently heats the dermis and rids it of any diffuse redness. This treatment is targeted toward those suffering from rosacea skin. Additionally, it boosts collagen production to eliminate any fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Fractional CO2 laser: There are few things worse on your skin than acne scars. The level of damage they do to your image can only be expressed in the fact that they are very hard to conceal and distract someone from any of your beautiful features. This form of laser treatment pokes into the deepest layers of our skin to stimulate and facilitate collagen growth to complete in the areas of tissue loss because of acne scars.
  • Laser Photo Rejuvenation: The sun does extensive damage to skin under prolonged exposure, susceptible skin. Jagged marks of pigmentation leading to melanin dark spots have only one solution—laser photo rejuvenation. The dead or burnt cells are then flaked off, and your complexion is restored.
  • Fraxel: It takes some extraordinary skill or effect to be the best at something. However, this treatment is widely known as the best-known treatment for crow’s feet, sun damage and wrinkle removal. For various degrees of damage, the treatment has varying effects. However, in general, it is meant to make you look even ten years younger.
  • Pulsed-light treatment: This treatment is meant to balance and improve colour balance within the skin by reducing areas of redness or hyperpigmentation. These treatments are intended to restore a glowing complexion. The procedure consists of short bursts of light, administered periodically.

At Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting, our team of medical personnel are well-trained to expertly handle all our advertised procedures down to the slightest detail and ensure our patients receive the utmost care while under our supervision. We uphold the highest standards, and ours are ensured by the Australian Medical Board and monitored by a government regulator, The Health Practitioner Regulation Agency AHPRA. So, make your bookings now to assure yourself of a quicker appointment.


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