Obvious Reasons Why You Should Shift To Laser Hair Removal from Waxing

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Any guesses how much women spend on body waxing to get rid of unwanted hair during their entire lifetime? Not only it involves lots of money, but the results of waxing also do not last long too. So if you want to get a long-lasting result along with a smooth and hair-free body for a longer time, choosing the laser hair removal treatment is the best choice.

Suppose you think that lasers cost more than waxing and why you prefer to have a costly endeavour when you have an affordable option like waxing in front of you. In that case, I must say that you kindly check out the below points to give you an idea about the benefits of laser over waxing.

In Terms Of Getting Results

The result of waxing does not last long. The wax is applied, and the stripe is ripped off fast in the opposite direction of the hair growth, tearing the hair from the roots. If the unwanted hair is too small, the wax cannot even grab the hair, and it will not be pulled out easily. To get the best waxing results, you should make your unwanted hair grow at least half an inch before the next waxing period. The results of waxing are only about few weeks, and you will have to wax again.

In the case of laser hair removal, the results can be seen after few treatments. But you will need to have several treatments to get the result that you are looking for. Depending upon the hair and the treatment area, the laser program results typically last for 18 months. Once you have received the desired amount of hair reduction you are looking for, you can say hello to the effortless smoother skin.

Overall Experience Of Hair Removal

It is known that all the waxing is quite painful, and it involves pulling off the hair from the skin with the help of the hot wax. As waxing is too painful, most people give a second thought before opting for hair removal by waxing from the salons. The results are also not long-lasting.

On the other hand, the discomfort with laser is manageable. Most of the people who undergo the laser feel that the rubber band is snapping against the skin. The sensation also lasts for few seconds. The experts also use some laser techniques to remove the redness from the skin, reduce inflammation, and relax the body to make the treatment much more comfortable. If you have previously tolerated the pain of waxing, you can easily handle the effects of the laser while removing the body hair.

Cost Of The Treatment

Regular waxing will add up to the cost over your lifetime as the results are temporary, and you have to do the waxing every month. As long you are doing waxing, you will have to keep on spending the money.

Though the initial cost of laser treatment is more, you do not have to do it again and again. There are various clinics where you can get this treatment at the best price possible.

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