How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do You Need to Get the Best Results?

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Do you know that if you shave three times per week, the number of shaving sessions added to is 4000 for 25 years? This is because people who have faster hair growth tend to shave more. If you are unwilling to spend money and so much time on shaving, laser hair removal in Toowoomba is the best choice. Various clinics like Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting offer the best treatment for skin renewal and hair removal in Toowoomba.

So, if you are thinking to do it for the very first time, one question that comes to your mind is – how many laser treatments do you need? Yes, several thousand less than shaving and waxing. The exact number of sessions depends upon your body and the area you want to treat.

Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal- A Brief Idea

It is one of the most effective treatments that help in reducing unwanted hair. It utilizes state-of-art technology to target the hair follicles present deep within the skin where the other hair removal methods cannot be effective. Hair follicles are responsible for hair production. Therefore, by damaging the hair follicles, you can quickly get the smooth and hairless skin that you long for years.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Laser is the FDA-approved procure that uses medical-grade lasers to emit a highly focused beam of light in short pulses. The lasers are colour-sensitive, making the light attract the melanin pigment in the hair. When the hair absorbs the light, it is further converted to heat. The heat then alters the hair follicle. A few days after the treatment is done, the hair will easily fall out, and the follicle will then be unable to make another strand of hair.

Is The Treatment Safe for Skin?

Yes, safe for the skin. The laser’s light is attracted to the hairs, not the surrounding tissues present. Therefore, it helps only remove the hair without damaging the skin. In addition, the treatment is invasive and requires no needed downtime. You can quickly go back to work and carry on normal activities after going out from the spa.

When you compare this treatment with the other hair removal methods, the treatment is relatively safer. You do not need to risk your skin getting scarred by the razer or burnt out with the hot wax. No such chemicals present will irritate the skin. Unlike the hot wax method, you do not feel the discomfort of yanking each hair follicle by the root via the hot wax. Waxing also risks pulling the top layer of your skin if it is not done correctly.

How Many Sessions Do You Need to Have?

As per the professionals who deal with laser hair removal in Toowoomba, the total number of sessions to get the best result depends upon your body. This is because everyone has different hair on their body, and everyone’s hair grows at a different rate. Therefore, to get rid of unwanted hair in a particular area, you need to ask the expert and go for multiple sessions per the hair growth cycle.

The hair growth cycles affect the number and timing of sessions. The expert will coordinate the sessions with the phases of hair growth. The laser hair removal sessions effectively reduce hair from the first ‘anagen’ (during this phase, the hair stays active and is visible above the skin’s surface). After the first session is complete, you will have to wait for a few weeks before performing another session. The hair will enter the ‘anagen’ phase and then be treated.

If you want to experience smooth and hairless skin, choose laser removal for hair from Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting. The professionals here have several years of experience and know the proper techniques to remove hair.


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