Factors to Keep In Mind before Choosing Red LED Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

LED Light Therapy

Red LED light therapy is one of the most popular and effective treatments for curing skin issues like acne breakouts, pimples, sun damage, and pigmentation. This treatment has been extensively studied to bring out promising results for wound healing, pain, inflammation, hair growth, hormonal imbalance, etc. All these potential benefits have helped Red LED light therapy to gain much importance among the clients. This therapy is associated with supplements, herbal extracts and tinctures, and alternative fitness equipment to achieve the best results.

With the help of led light therapy, you can get the glow back on your face that you have been missing due to sun damage and breakouts. This therapy works by stimulating the cellular activity to bring out total skin rejuvenation from within. It helps reduce acne breakouts, wrinkles on your face, inflammation, fine lines and protects your skin from external damages. If you want to receive the best results, you should visit a clinic that provides excellent results from the hands of the experts. If you are availing of this treatment for skin rejuvenation, here are some of the factors that you must keep in mind to avail the glow you want to have-


It is the amount of energy a specific body receives for a particular set of times while using the therapy. While you are availing of this therapy, ask the expert about the energy rate delivered on your skin. It is crucial to consider when taking the Red led light therapy since a higher amount of energy can provide the best results quickly.

The most common way to measure the irradiance on your skin is by mW/cm2, also defined as the mill watts per square centimetre.

The Coverage Area for Treatment

Are you availing of the treatment for your face or the body? While many people opt for smaller devices to treat wrinkles and stretch marks, some might choose the larger device to get the best results for muscle recovery, hormonal imbalance, hair loss, and even to treat joint pains. As per the expert offering the Red led light therapy, it is always better to get the LED light therapy for high coverage. The larger devices will emit light energy and have better performance than the small units. A larger device of Red led light treatment also has direct access to the full body.

Considering the Frequency

The range of frequency used in the Red LED light therapy is 650-850 nm which enables the light to penetrate deep into the mitochondria of the cells. This range is considered as standard in the Red LED light treatment in most of the clinics. In this treatment, the Red led light penetrates inside the cells and promotes collagen production.

Quality of the Product Used

One of the vital factors in red LED light therapy is the quality of the product being used in the therapy. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of this treatment, fake products are also available. So, to protect yourself from such fake light therapy, it is always better to avail yourself of the treatment from the experts.

These are significant factors to keep in mind before availing of the Red LED light therapy. If you want to have a 100% possible outcome, visit Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting, a trusted and renowned clinic specialising in skincare treatments.


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