Essential Tips to Follow While You Opt for Laser Hair Removal

Laser epilation, hair removal therapy

Unwanted growth of excessive hair on the face and body is one of the most annoying situations to deal with. If you want to make your skin smooth and silky, you will need to get rid of the unwanted hair from the body. Though there are various traditional hair removal processes available, like waxing and shaving, both do not have a permanent solution when you want to get rid of unwanted hair. Apart from these, these procedures are also painful and cause dark patches on the skin. Laser hair removal in Toowoomba is the best choice.

Laser hair removal treatment is one of the most popular methods that are opted by people all over the world. Here in this procedure, the concentrated light energy or laser will absorb the melanin present in the skin. The light energy from a laser is then converted to heat energy that will destroy the follicles present in the body. By this process, hair growth can be reduced and mainly delayed. 

If you are planning to reduce the unwanted hair from the body but are unsure about the tips to follow to get a smooth skin texture, here are some of the points to keep in mind for sure.

Shaving Is Better Than Waxing or Plucking Hair from The Skin

 You might think that you will remove the unwanted hair from the skin by waxing or plucking before going to the laser treatment clinic, but it is not good. Instead, the expert suggests shaving the part to remove the unwanted hair but avoiding waxing or plucking, this might affect the skin’s texture, and it will be problematic for the expert to carry on the laser in the right way. Instead, you can better run the razor on the parts where you want to remove the hair.

Know About the Post Treatment Irritation

Before you go through this laser hair removal, be sure that you know the potential side effects of the same. After the treatment, you might go through inconveniences like swelling and irritation. These are pretty normal as the laser and will go away in a few days. If you are going through such complications after laser, you should apply an old or warm compress on the treated area. You can also have a consultation from the doctor if you are feeling bad, have swelling or irritation on the skin. 

Avoid Sun Exposure

Exposure to direct sunlight just after the laser hair treatment will not help you achieve the desired results. The doctor offering the service on laser hair removal in Toowoomba suggests avoiding sun exposure before and after the laser treatment for at least 15 days. Doing so before the treatment will help your skin prepare for the treatment, and will also help avoid any unwanted discomfort.

Do Not Apply Any Skincare Products on Skin

The doctors suggest not applying any skincare products before and after applying the laser on the skin. This is because the laser might react on the skin if any trace of skincare products is present.

These are some essential tips that should be followed when you think of applying laser hair removal. At Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting, you can avail the of laser treatment from experts.


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