Trending Skincare Treatments as Of The Year 2022

Dermatologist performing laser hair removal on patient face in clinic

Everybody is sensitive about their skin, maybe more so now than ever before. There are several reasons why, including numerous contributing factors such as the environment, rapid developments and climate. Moreover, with rapid advancements in technology, more emphasis is being paid to more risk-free procedures aimed at beautifying the skin and customising it according to an individual’s preferences and restoring its vitality.

Thus, skin clinics in Toowoomba are aimed at revitalising skin care and skin treatments, ensuring that their patients are treated to the trending skin treatments all over Australia. 

Skincare professionals in the industry have excellent instincts in the coming years. Its remarkable growth is the best proof we have to expand upon its influence. It rarely mentions the matter of lifestyle, age, sex, or treatments specially formulated for individuals. Every person in the world can benefit from investing in such skincare products. Various brands have started to invest in their marketing strategy and hired influencers to talk about their products, skincare tools, or accessories—for example, brands like Savor Beauty, Guinot, Babor, La Prairie, or Foreo are everywhere on social media.

The approach to climate is starting to change as our lifestyle gets much more aggressive. This has allowed the pollution level to increase, including the processing of food. It has now become evident that these factors affect our mind and body. However, controversial case studies have repeatedly tried to prove the link between lifestyle and skincare problems—from the food we eat to our stress level at work.

These are some of the premier and most sought-after treatments this year:


Whether for cryotherapy gadgets like Foreo or choosing cosmetic ice globes or simply ice cubes, these cryotherapy treatments will improve your skin texture. In the beauty industry, it is common knowledge that cold objects, when applied to your face, proceed to relax veins, stimulate blood circulation and improve your skin cell functions.

Non-invasive treatments 

These are perfect. From chemical peels to Botox, lipolysis, facelifts, or laser skin clinic treatments, especially in Toowoomba, all of them improve your skin texture and make you feel more beautiful.


Utilising micro-needling allows you to avail yourself of one of the best 2022 skincare trends. This particular technique works by puncturing the skin repeatedly with some tiny needles. The primary derived benefit is that it stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, bringing it a cleaner, more rejuvenated and repaired skin. Therefore, it is highly recommended, especially if you desire to get rid of acne scars or wrinkles.

At Drayton Cosmetics & Body Sculpting, we aim to assist you in revitalising and re-energising your skin with the help of cosmetic procedures and apt skincare treatments and procedures. We utilise up-to-date equipment to allow our patients to undergo safe, monitored treatment procedures that would enable them to feel safe throughout the treatment duration.


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